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Your SeeWhy Learning Support Team is available to answer your questions about our various course study tool online offerings, assist you in placing your orders if you encounter difficulties or do not understand the process, help you resolve a challenge that you might have viewing the online study tools, replace a missing payment receipt or login information after placing your order, and much more.

Using our Support Request Form below is the fastest way to get a reply under normal conditions, as we have thousands of students at any one time and getting through on the telephone may result in voicemail due to the volume of calls being received by both students and website visitors. We do like to talk to you, but be patient if you call - we do return any voicemail we receive ­čÖé

* Before contacting our Support Team, you should look through the extensive Question and Answer list below for questions commonly asked of our Support Team.  You may find a quick answer to your question, as we have covered, in detail, about 80% of what we are contacted for support on for both sales questions and technical support.

If you are having technical difficulties in viewing the study content, please contact us and we will assist in helping you resolve your challenge. NOTE: We do not provide technical support for your computer or device, but may be able to offer some recommendations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have not received my login email.
Your student centre login email is generated automatically when you place your order. If you have received your payment confirmation email, but not the login email, then please check your Spam or Junk Mail folder in your email account as our login emails sometimes end up there - we don't know why. If using Hotmail then it is probably in the Junk Mail. Still can't find it? Use the form to the right of this page and request a copy of your login information.

Can I print the online study guide, flash cards and practice exams?
No - simple answer. The technology we use to present these to you is in secure HTML5. You cannot print our online study tools content, as they are interactive.

What about using tablets, iPad®, iPod®, Smartphone or iPhone®? Can I use your study tools?
Yes, our online study material is "responsive" (adapts to device and screen size being used to access). Smartphones/iPhones are not recommended due to smaller screen size and technology used.

Are you a Canadian company in Canada?
Yes, completely! We are Canadian owned and based in Milton, Ontario. We are not a foreign company selling Canadian courses. All our full-time highly professional trainers, course writers, and support staff, are located here in Canada. SeeWhy Financial Learning Inc is an independent full-time business, not related to, or a division of, any other company. Our only business is providing exam preparation study tools for the Canadian financial services and Ontario real estate.

In your order form I see a spot for a "Coupon Code". How do I get a coupon code for a discount?
Coupon Codes are used for corporate programs and announced promotions. If the company you are with has a program registered with SeeWhy Learning, you should have been given details of that program by your company. Contact your company if you do not know.

If we have a promotion, for a specific course study, it will be announced and detailed on our main website page or the website page for that product. Please do not request a coupon code discount if not part of a registered corporate program or if you do not see an announced promotion. Our support staff are not authorized to issue discounts on request.

Are you for real? What's the catch?
While that may sound like a funny question to ask, we are asked this quite often. Many do not believe that we actually offer a money back guarantee if they do not pass their regulatory exam - and with such basic conditions. While we do refund payments, it is a rare occurrence because the vast majority of our students pass their exams. We have a knack for making licensing courses easy to understand. Like any business, we do not want to return money paid for our study tools and you, as a student, don't want to have to request it - you want to pass your exam, and so do we. For that reason we make sure that you do! We provide you with the best study tools in the industry, you study using them - you pass, and together we win! Can't get any simpler than that.

Do you provide classroom instruction?
All the SeeWhy study tools (study materials) are online, with the exception of the optional purchase of a printed version of the Study Guide. The SeeWhy Learning Study Guide is a concise summary, in an easier to understand format, of the course provider's textbook. So, no, we do not provide classroom instruction.

Can I just use your study tools and not purchase the Course provider's study material?
No. Please note that the purchase of SeeWhy Financial Learning's exam preparation materials does not constitute enrolment in the actual licensing course(s). Instead, our materials are designed to assist you in understanding the content of such courses. If you have not already done so, you must register with the applicable course provider in order to obtain their course materials and write the actual exam.

Can I use just your study material and put aside the textbook from the course provider?
To answer this question we must first ask you, "How successful do you want to be?". By 'successful', we mean both in the highest exam score possible and the success in either advancement within your present job or in seeking employment in your chosen career path. Success means being "the best you can be". We recommend that you take the time, if at all possible, to study properly and invest in your future. Employers want winners and those that drive to succeed. SeeWhy Learning study tools will make sure that you pass your exam. Taking the time to also review and focus on key elements in the course provider's textbook will help you achieve an even higher score on your licensing exam(s). Invest in your future!

"Success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have." Zig Ziglar
"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later." Og Mandino

I can't access my student account anymore, what happened?
All SeeWhy Learning study tools are sold to you on a subscription basis. Your CPH study tools subscription is for 180 days (6 months). All our order pages clearly state the subscription time period. Please contact us for special discounted renewal rates or extensions based on your personal circumstance (conditions apply).

I ordered the Full Success Package and still haven't received anything in the mail. How long does it take?
The SeeWhy Learning study tools are online, immediate access after ordering, and not available in print (except for the printed study guide, and it is delivered by UPS). If you did not receive you login information email, please use the support request form above to contact us for your login email copy.

Can you send me a printed copy of the Flash Cards and Practice Exams?
Again, no. Our very successful learning process, that we stand behind with our money back guarantee, is based on the interactivity of the learning experience of our online study tools.

Do you have a PDF or download copy of the Study Guide?
For a variety of reasons, including security and piracy, this is not possible. So, no, we do not. If you want a printed version of our study guide it is included with your purchase

How long will it take me to study for the exam?
"How long" is a question that we cannot definitively answer. This all depends on your circumstances. Are you working full time and studying part-time? Are you single (not married and live alone) and can dedicate time on a set schedule? Married with young children at home and only have certain hours or days you can study? Is English your primary language? If not, what is your level of comprehension using the English language? Is your course study a workplace requirement and can you use time at work to study? Have you already set a date to write your exam?

As you can see from above, there are too many variables to give you a definite time period that you can complete your studies. Everyone also learns at their own pace. Are you strong in math skills? Most courses require learning math formulas.

Our online study tools stated subscription periods are overly generous in time that you can access to study. More than you should ever need.

Can you complete your studies in 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, or more? We have had many students, if not most, complete their studies within a 4-12 week time period. This all depends on you, your time available, your learning pace, and your dedication to your studies. The longer you take, the harder it becomes to remember what you learned at the start.

I have your study tools but still can't understand a certain concept, can you help me?
We want to be a part of your success. If you come across a concept that you simply cannot grasp, you have online support request access to our support team and trainers to help explain that topic item or concept that is bothering you. We know that our study tools are very comprehensive but occasionally, due to whatever reason, a student is simply stopped in their studies and needs that boost to understand something. We want to make sure you understand what part of your study that is troublesome to you. We provide you with the contact information you need to get the answer.

I'm looking for a new career, what licensing course should I take to so I can find a new or better job? Where do I find these jobs?
The Canadian financial services are amoung the strongest in the world, and recognized as such. Employment advancement and opportunities are plentiful. We are not an employment advisor or consultancy, but you could search online for what is presently being sought after for employees/agents.

Job Search Website: